Fill Your Cup Everyday

Sep 27, 2017

Fill Your Cup Everyday

As the Unlock Pleasure project unfolds, I realize how much confusion there often is about pleasure. I want to simplify it. It shouldn’t be hard or another pressure – one more item on your to do list.

It does require having it on your radar – knowing why it’s good and important and then just lift your head. Pleasure is available in any moment, but you might have heard me say, pleasure is unique and individual – it means different things to different people.

What delights YOU through your senses?

It’s important to ignore the hype about what “should” give you pleasure and instead follow your nose. Our senses – what we see, hear, smell, taste and touch - can be as reliable a guide as any. What delights YOU in your senses?

Fill your Cup - Regularly

Swimming does it for me. Here we are the end of September in the north and it’s getting darker in the evening by the day, but we’re in a heat wave – 33 degrees Celsius today. Worrisome on many levels yes, but the silver lining is I get to swim well into the fall. Each year I notice my ability to tolerate winter is in direct proportion to the number of swims I get in the summer. It’s like I’m filling my cup.

Leaving the heat and busyness of the city and heading north, the noise drops away and I take in the green of the Gatineau Hills, the lightness in the air, the complexity of aromas that breeze in the window as the city recedes. I arrive at Meech Lake a short 20 minutes away.

It’s usually a quick park and dip - no more than another 20 mins and some time spent dripping off on the rocks taking in the lake and the hills beyond. Then maybe dinner in the nearby village. It’s a mini-vacation each time. Like a vacation it leaves me feeling renewed, relaxed, resourced – I’m filing that cup for whatever the days ahead might bring.

It’s simple, it works, I need it. I accept this is good for me.

Pleasure can be simple, especially when you know what works for you and let that knowing guide you. The more you follow this simple guidance the easier it gets.

I’d love to hear about the simple pleasures you use regularly to fill your cup.

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