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“Madeline offers a safe space to explore what it is that blocks our capacity to live in pleasure. She supports us to recognize our unhealthy associations with pleasure, so we can finally open up to that which provides real power, serenity and love.”

Benoît Cazabon, author, professor, and coach

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Sep 16, 2020

Our Long, Rich, and Complex History with Pleasure

Ancient Greek philosophy, the foundation of much of our thinking still today, centered on the question and significance of “What makes a good life?  And What is the goal of the good life?”  At the root of their study was the issue of our human struggle between pain and pleasure. 

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Sep 02, 2020

Pleasure - It’s a Relational Thing

I was away for five weeks this summer, enjoying the generosity of friends and family who were willing to share their cottages on lakes. In the midst of COVID-19 with few options to safely get away, this was the prefect solution.

The early months of lock down and all the pivoting required left me in need of replenishment. I know I’m at a low ebb when I’m just routinely “doing my to-do list.” This mode is based on a mentality of, “I know what I’m doing.” I’m making my life happen, but I sadly notice pleasure goes out the window.

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Jun 18, 2020

Pleasure Revenge – What the Bleep!

Last week, my daughter and I sat on the deck by her pool and commiserated about the impact of the pandemic and how it will go on. We are both entrepreneurial-minded, and so we batted around ideas about ways to CCOVID-19-proof our work and income. We mused about what will be the trends and unexpected upswings in the economy during this pandemic time. Trends that will emerge as we continue to adjust to this new world.

Later that day, she sent me a note to say she’d visited Faith Popcorn’s website – remember Popcorn – the predictor of trends to come. Apparently, there’s been a trend afoot called Pleasure Revenge. 

Of course, I was curious – but Pleasure Revenge – What the bleep!

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