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December 1-4, 2022
Your Deeper Feelings as a Doorway to the Experience of Spirit

Galilee Retreat Centre, Arnprior, Ontario.

“Forefront Psychotherapy ​had Madeline ​p​resent a morning workshop called ​​ Unlock ​Pleasure for our counselling centre’s open house. Her presentation was innovative and captivating. She brought forward the information in a way that appealed to new and seasoned therapists alike. Her presentation style put the audience at ease and she ​kept each one of us captivated for the duration of her talk. We would highly recommend Madeline to any group looking for a speaker.”

Forefront Psychotherapy, Ottawa, Canada - Fall 2014

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Nov 08, 2022

Spiritual Nourishment and Pleasure

As a somatic therapist and spiritual counsellor I often reflect on the interconnection between body and spirit   In my work I use the phrase “embodied spirituality”.  This means a spirituality that’s experienced in the body, and considers our bodies as sacred vessels, that hold our spirits. 

For many, it can be a radical idea to consider one’s relationship with your body, as core to
one’s spiritual nature.  Collectively we still harbour remnants of religious world views that are suspicious of the body and it’s sensuous nature.  From these world views, the body is an aspect of self to control and distance from, to pursue one’s spiritual aspects.  The upshot of this is to separate one’s self from the ground of one’s being. 

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Oct 18, 2022

Renew Connection with your Body as Part of the Grieving Process

Denial and the accompanying numbness that supports denial, is a very common response to loss.  This is particularly true if the loss comes suddenly, unexpectedly, or in an untimely way. 

Denial is traditionally one of the early stages of grief. I believe it serves to slow the grieving person down, to have a little time to absorb the impact of a sudden or particularly complicated or traumatic loss.

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May 05, 2021

Have You Had a Good Cry Lately?

I’m preparing to facilitate a workshop at the end of this month as part of a series for my Pathwork community in Japan. The title of the series is, “The Unwanted.” 

It’s so timely. Hasn’t this just been a year of “the unwanted”? 

The unwanted shows up in everyone’s life at some time, in some form - lost loves, lost dreams, losses in general, and then of course there’s death - the big unwanted.

At the heart of this topic is grieving. We can’t just skip to acceptance, although hopefully we get there in time. When the unwanted hits, we need to feel all the feelings, in order to move through to real acceptance.

Grieving is part of that process and has many faces, but sadness and crying is always there.

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