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February 19; March 19th; April 16th, 2019
Poetry, Music and Labyrinth Walk

St Lukes Anglican Church, 760 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, Canada

Madeline combines her experience as a gifted teacher and facilitator with her exquisite sensitivity to guide us into unlocking pleasure. In her gentle way she helps us to make friends with our bodies, softening the places where we feel resistance, shame and pain and learn how to tune into the myriad sensations of pleasure. She embodies her teaching and the expression of her own pleasure is contagious. Madeline creates a safe space to (re)discover that we are wired for pleasure and can overcome the negative conditioning of fear, trauma, and messages of “not good enough”.

Ingrid Schirrholz, – Senior Faculty. Pathwork Vermont, Burlington, Vermont

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Feb 06, 2019

The Price of Admission

As I go deeper into the topic of pleasure, it's so clear to me how our defences keep the experience of pleasure at bay. In fact, I'd go out on a limb and say – pleasure is not possible while our defence is solidly in place. We all have defences that were put in place originally to protect us from the vulnerable experiences and feelings of being human. No doubt they did serve a purpose way back when, but today, most likely those same reflexes of protection, get in your way, especially when it comes to pleasure. Read more >

Jan 16, 2019

Living with Intention

A few years back, I got intentional about getting out of the cold and snow of Canadian winters. I wanted to try living and working in Oaxaca, Mexico for the winter months. So, I arrived last Tuesday, and have mostly settled in. Read more >

Dec 20, 2018

The Art of Giving

In Oaxaca, Mexico, where I move my office, for the winter months, they have a vibrant, indigenous, healing tradition. The prime tenant of this belief system is the principle that in our essence we are light. Our task here on earth is to nurture and build that light. This takes us on a journey of discovery and claiming. We must also protect and value that light, and be it and share it, in the world. I love the simplicity of these instructions, and when I go there, I feel my light shine brighter. Read more >