Work With Me

I offer an integrative approach to your healing and transformational work. Honouring the mental, emotional, somatic, relational and spiritual aspects of your nature, we will collaboratively layout a course of exploration, and the tools we will use, to support your healing, growth and ultimate wellbeing. I work with Individuals, and groups. I also offer support for other healing professionals for professional development, in creating a practices that expresses your unique talents and skills and in your own wellbeing as well as that of your clients.

For Individuals

I offer individual support for these three areas of exploration:

Somatic Therapy - support to connect with your body, using a somatic lens to address trauma, grief, anxiety and depression, and sexuality and relationship issues; as well as exploring embodied spirituality.

Spiritual Counselling - your spiritual needs are as significant to your overall wellbeing and healing as your emotional, mental and physical states.  I work in a holistic approach and work individually with you to draw out your unique spiritual nature and spiritual process.  I draw from The Pathwork - a contemporary spiritual framework that is well balanced in both the psychological and spiritual aspects of healing and transformation.  The work supports an embodied spiritual experience. 

Unlock Pleasure - Pleasure is an under-rated and under utilized element in our journey of healing and transformation. I support individuals to release blocks you may hold regarding pleasure, so your life can be sweeter, more vital and so you can glean the resilience that pleasure can bring.  This approach to pleasure addresses three levels of engagement - everyday pleasures; the erotic/sensual/sexual aspects of pleasure, as well as the spiritual significance of pleasure

Where and When?

Individual sessions are offered at my home office east of downtown in the Overbrook area, and via Zoom, Skype or telephone.

My office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday late morings to 5:30 p.m.

Insurance Receipts
I give receipts for the sessions but I am not supervised by a clinical psychologist for insurance purposes.  Hence the receipt I provide may or may not be accepted by your extended medical insurance. 

Contact me to explore how we might work together.   

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For Professionals

I offer consultations, supervision and training in Somatic Therapy, Embodied Spirituality - integrating a grounded element of spirituality to your own therapeutic approach, and on the topic of Pleasure, for coaches, counsellors and therapists. In particular, pleasure is an under-rated resource for the journey of growth and development. I offer professional development workshops to coaches, counsellors and therapists that will support you to bring the healing energy of pleasure as a tool to your clients. This work is somatic based and enhances your skills in bringing this approach to your self and your clients. It is also an effective professional resource for self-care to ensure you stay well as you work with others. Join me for a day workshop or a small monthly learning circle on the theme of pleasure. Increase your skill level in working with this powerful and effective topic. Contact me at for more information. Read more >

For Groups

Madeline is an inspiring, engaging and highly entertaining speaker. She has a warm and powerful presence to reach your audience and support them to live more wholeheartedly. Madeline speaks to audiences about the multi-faceted and complex phenomena of pleasure; about addressing your doubts and misconceptions about pleasure and most importantly why we all need pleasure and how to use it to heal and find wholeness. Read more >


Unlock Pleasure offers a program of 10 sessions that will guide you through a re-orientation to pleasure and support you to live your life through the lens of unlocking your deeper capacity for pleasure. Pleasure is not a one size fits all affairs. It’s important to explore what pleasure uniquely means to you whither that’s in the realm of sexual expression or how you spend your days. We’re given a lot of hype about what should or shouldn’t be pleasurable. Part of the journey of Unlock Pleasure is to discover that for you. Do you notice you have an upper limit as to how much pleasure you will allow yourself? Unlock Pleasure helps people recognize and address the misconceptions or hesitancies to allowing you the full pleasure of living. To learn more about how the one-on-one program works read on…Read more >