Workshops and Training

Learning in community enhances your ability to take in new realities. Your experience is enriched having others to share the journey, and support for the ongoing integration of concepts and core practices. Whether your interest is a personal focus or for professional development, Madeline’s workshops are stimulating, inspiring, experiential, interactive and fun.

Upcoming Personal Workshops

Poetry, Music and Labyrinth Walk

Poetry, Music and Labyrinth Walk Do you love listening to poetry spoken aloud, with music and walking, moving your body through the ancient configuration of the labyrinth's sacred geometry? The Ottawa Poetry Bards hosts three seasonally themed evenings this winter into spring, at St Luke's Anglican Church. Read more >

Spiritual Survival for the Holiday Season - A Day of Nourishment for your Spiritual Self

Maintaining and deepening your spiritual connection and practices can be a challenge at the best of times, but during the biggest holiday season of the year, it's difficult. And just when we need them most! The holidays can also be emotionally difficult as well – memories of holidays past, loved ones who are missing, adaptation to changing life stages; desire for a place at the table, literary and figuratively, that touches into our most basic human longing to belong. As well there’s the challenge of accepting realities that don’t match our expectations, be that the gifts, the gatherings, the people or the experience. Read more >

Unlock Pleasure – An On-line Program

Unlock Pleasure ~ An On-line ~ Five Module Program January 20, February 10th, March 2, 23 & April 13, 2020.. Monday Evenings ~ 6:30 - 9:00 p.m. Using the Zoom meeting platform for the on-line gatherings Read more >

Upcoming Professional Workshops