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Learning in community enhances your ability to take in new realities. Your experience is enriched having others to share the journey, and support for the ongoing integration of concepts and core practices. Whether your interest is a personal focus or for professional development, Madeline’s workshops are stimulating, inspiring, experiential, interactive and fun.

Personal Development
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Make the Crisis Worth It - A weekly on-line gathering to explore the transformational potential of crisis

Poetry, Music and Labyrinth Walk -

Poetry, Music and Labyrinth Walk Do you love listening to poetry spoken aloud, with music and walking, moving your body through the ancient configuration of the labyrinth's sacred geometry? The Ottawa Poetry Bards hosts three seasonally themed evenings this winter into spring, at St Luke's Anglican Church. Read more >

Finding Your True Place in the Human ~ Spiritual Family

Our family of origin carries the rich legacy for our particular soul’s journey. It also mirrors back to us our beliefs, behaviors, struggles and fulfillments in relatedness and belonging. The family is where our soul wounds become manifest and paradoxically, this same family holds our deepest longings and potential for healing and transformation. Read more >

Retreat Day for Reflection and Integration

We are living in moment to moment times.  A line from the poem Kindness by Naomi Shibab Nye keep rumbling in my head - “feel the future dissolve in a moment like salt in a weakened broth, what held in your hands, what you counted and carefully saved; all this must go ... so you can know the tender gravity of kindness”. 

Living in the moment to moment of unprecedented times, we need space to go inward, to reflect and integrate our experience as it unfolds.  We can do this on our own, and we can also benefit from being in reflective times, in the companionship of others. 

To that end, this virtual day retreat will provide a container and structure for silence, stillness, self-care, connections and community. 

The day will look like - gather in the morning 9:30 a.m. to create an energetic container, a sacred space for this day of retreat.  We’ll meet and greet each other, speak an intention for the day, set some guidelines for what supports a day like this, have a short teaching, and meditate together. 

Then you will go into your separate places for the rest of the day.  Periodically through the day you will have the option to come back to the virtual retreat space to meditate, and or have a guided movement session. 

We will then gather at the end of the day 7-9 p.m. to meditate again, and share where the day has taken each of us. This is a time for our inner exploration to be witnesses and for the group to glean the collective wisdom revealed through silence and stillness. 

Some preparation guidelines for silence and stillness will be provided for those who are not familiar with a day of silence; as well as couple of Pathwork Lectures offered, as support for the day.

Facilitated by: Madeline Dietrich M.A., Senior Pathwork Helper, Leader of Pathwork Ottawa;
Creator of the Unlock Pleasure Project; Somatic Therapist; Helpership Development Faculty Member in Canada, USA, Israel and Japan.  Madeline has been a student of Pathwork, a contemporary framework for personal and spiritual healing and transformation, since 1984.


Fee for the day: $160. Includes 13% HST.

To register and reserve your place in the retreat email Madeline at;

Send payment in full to same address by e-transfer or PayPal

Cancellation Policy Full refund minus a $30. Admin fee up to May 1, 2020.  No refunds will be offered after that date.

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Unlock Pleasure - An Introductory Workshop

A weekend workshop to dig into the rich and complex topic of pleasure. The workshop will both inspire you, and give you concrete tools to bring the resource of pleasure into your day to day life, to build residency and greater wellbeing. The workshop will provide insight on how pleasure can be a path of spiritual development. Read more >

The Role of Will Power in Your Spiritual Development

Professional Development

“I really felt you as a warm articulate and authentic woman and I am really glad - am blessed in having the chance for exposure to your beingness”

Workshop attendee