Pleasure Practices

Pleasure Practices

Mar 08, 2016

Pleasures in Disguise

Pleasure doesn’t just come from getting everything we want, and or in just the way we think we need it. Some pleasure comes from facing challenges or difficult things, finding our strengths and building confidence. Read more >

Feb 21, 2016

Eros, Sex, Love, Pleasure?  What will it be for you on Valentine’s Day?

Valentines Day is the celebration of love. Mostly this is focused on romantic love. Cupid with his arrow of Eros aims to pierce your heart. It conjures up a day full of pleasure – chocolate, flowers, candlelight dinners in fancy restaurants, and if all goes well, an intimate, sensuous interlude follows. All sounds good, right? But will there be true pleasure? Read more >

Feb 18, 2015

Take Your Pleasure Pulse - A Survey About Pleasure

Have you noticed how popular surveys are these days? It seems that everyone's conducting one on something. Partly it’s the ease of services like Survey Monkey, but also because most of us in the virtual world want to respond to people’s real interests and concerns that have significance to them. So... here we go. Help me target this Unlock Pleasure blog to your real needs. Tell me about yourself and your relationship with pleasure. Read more >

Jan 09, 2015

Pleasure as Medicine for Stressful Times

I’ve been a psychotherapist for about 20 years and have worked with people who’ve struggled with emotional difficulties. I’ve also worked with quite a few individuals whose lives have been pretty good, but they came to me because they could be a whole lot better. Read more >