Choosing Pleasure

Choosing Pleasure

May 16, 2016

Want to up your pleasure experience?

“Slow is fast and less is more” is a sure-fire way to up your pleasure quotient. But don’t just take my word for it. Try it on! Read more >

Dec 18, 2015

Is There Pleasure in Store for You This Holiday Season?

What truly gives you pleasure during the holiday season? Pleasure is unique to each of us. Holidays by their nature are full of expectations and traditions that may or may not currently hold meaning for you. Read more >

Oct 15, 2015

Finding YOUR pleasure helps you find YOU

I return from Italy feeling really good. It’s the odd thing about travel. While one is actually out there doing it – its not 100% pleasure. There are aspects of travel that are annoying, frustrating, and downright inconvenient. But the pay offs are worth every unpleasant moment. That is if travel is for you. It’s okay not to like to travel. Home can be a very good place. What’s important is to do the things that are pleasurable for you. Read more >

Sep 14, 2015

Maybe I can’t do everything, but I can do something!

Years ago I remember a naked summer swim in a large, beautiful, and very private lake in the wilds of Quebec, with a couple of friends. I don’t remember what inspired my outburst, but I do remember feeling very expansive and shouting into the wide, open sky above, with great fervor and gusto “I want to have it all”. I often have a really good chuckle with my younger self, because back then I truly believed that was possible! For years I would expend great amounts of energy trying to have it all and do it all. But I’ve learned that as enjoyable as those expansive sentiments can be, pleasure and fulfillment don’t necessarily come with volume. Read more >

May 19, 2015

Individuation is a Pre-requisite for Pleasure

Ten days ago I ran a workshop on pleasure and what gets in the way of it. Often we get in our own way when trying to increase the pleasure we have. Self-sabotaging pleasure comes from the doubts and misconceptions we hold about pleasure. Sometimes this is referred to as having a ‘limiting belief’. Read more >