What is the Truth of the Matter?

A Potent Spiritual Key ~ In any and every situation ask the question ~

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Take a Pause for Pleasure

Pleasure makes us feel good.  When we feel good, we relax. When we relax, the parasympathetic side of the nervous system kicks in, and when that happens, we’ve opened up and other really good things will occur. This process is called the “rest and repair” mechanism that supports our physical system to regenerate.

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Unlock Pleasure’s Yawning Practice for Healing and Wellness

Yawning helps you become aware of a ‘felt sense’ of your own physical being. This embodied self-awareness includes your body’s sensations (the you in your body), as well as the organic intelligence that’s held and accessed through your body. Embodied self-awareness compliments and enriches conceptual self-awareness; that’s the intellectual awareness we usually rely on to understand and experience ourselves. Read more >

Living With Intention

"An intention is a statement that springs from deep within us, 
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Pleasure - Its Spiritual Significance

Pleasure - Its Spiritual Significance

Your Life’s Story - a video

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About the Body - a video

Excerpt to Madeline Dietrich speaking about "The Body" Read more >

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