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Powered by Pleasure is the name of the blog supporting the evolution of my work called Unlock Pleasure. In this blog I want to explore with you all the aspects of pleasure, from day-to-day gladness to exuberant delight, the small joys and X-rated rapture too! My plan is to post biweekly, drawing from my own reflections, thoughts, feelings, and experiences of pleasure; from other writers and sources on the topic; and most importantly, from the conversations that I hope will emerge with you, my dear reader. Please comment below and let the wild rumpus begin!
Apr 01, 2020

Know Your Management Strategies and Interrupt the Pattern

I’m wondering how you all are doing?  Sequestered in our homes, so many of our daily routines have been interrupted.  We’re not gathering with friends, going out to work, going to the cinema, or dropping in at our favourite coffee shop.  The daily rhythm and pace of our lives have changed dramatically.

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Mar 20, 2020

Make the Crisis Worth It

Make the Crisis Worth It

There’s a quote that’s keeps popping up in my mind "Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  Well never in my life time has there been such an enormous awe-rendering crisis on a world scale, and the really impressive thing about it is everyone gets to experience it together!  All over the planet we’re going through the same thing during this season. This is what we call a unitive experience. We’ve been brought to a halt. I wonder how this halt is for you? What are you doing as you take in the magnitude of what’s going on? As you are either forced to stop, or to give everything you've got on the front lines of essential supplies, safety and health care. Read more >

Feb 20, 2020

Take Responsibility for Your Own Pleasure

Take Responsibility for Your Own Pleasure

The winter program of Unlock Pleasure began earlier this month. The program always starts by supporting participants to articulate their current relationship to pleasure. Participants are led through a process to bring conscious awareness to their beliefs and assumptions about pleasure. This current stance with pleasure may or may not be serving them. Questions like - How did I get here? What has the world around me so far, taught me about pleasure? What influences have shaped me? Read more >

Jan 16, 2020

When the Road Gets Rough

Each week I eagerly look forward to finding The New Yorker magazine in the mailbox. I love the thoughtful articles on a wide range of subjects, intelligent humour and a smorgasbord of reviews on film, music, theatre productions and restaurant fare – not a fraction of which I will ever sample - but sill I like knowing what’s happening out there. And additionally, their usual slant supports my liberal leavings. This week I started into an article on: Is Suffering Useful? I anticipated reading something very intelligent and insightful about a topic we commonly wrestle with. But the article was disappointing as it went on to describe a person, who through some anomaly of nature, didn’t have the capacity to experience pain – physically or emotionally. The neuroscientists are having a hay day doing research with her, to help inform how this genetic mutation could lead to relief for the rest of us. Well I look forward to that, but no doubt there won’t be immediate relief. Read more >

Dec 11, 2019

Being Present is the Best Present You Can Give

Being Present is the Best Present You Can Give

celebration of Christmas, which used to hold spiritual meaning, is now supplanted by parties, shopping, cooking and present wrapping all culminating on one or two days blow out. In Christmas’s past, when my children were little, I was a full participant in the madness. Both my husband I worked and somehow, we sandwiched all the preparation for Christmas in between the usual cacophony of our daily lives. We celebrated Christmas on the eve before, a borrowed tradition from my German background. So, there we’d be, all dressed in our finest, the girls with Read more >

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