For Individuals

I offer individual support for these three areas of exploration:

Somatic Therapy - support to connect with your body, using a somatic lens to address trauma, grief, anxiety and depression, and sexuality and relationship issues; as well as exploring embodied spirituality.

Spiritual Counselling - your spiritual needs are as significant to your overall wellbeing and healing as your emotional, mental and physical states.  I work in a holistic approach and work individually with you to draw out your unique spiritual nature and spiritual process.  I draw from The Pathwork - a contemporary spiritual framework that is well balanced in both the psychological and spiritual aspects of healing and transformation.  The work supports an embodied spiritual experience. 

Unlock Pleasure - Pleasure is an under-rated and under utilized element in our journey of healing and transformation. I support individuals to release blocks you may hold regarding pleasure, so your life can be sweeter, more vital and so you can glean the resilience that pleasure can bring.  This approach to pleasure addresses three levels of engagement - everyday pleasures; the erotic/sensual/sexual aspects of pleasure, as well as the spiritual significance of pleasure

Where and When?

Individual sessions are offered at my home office east of downtown in the Overbrook area, and via Zoom, Skype or telephone.

My office hours are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday late morings to 5:30 p.m.

Insurance Receipts
I give receipts for the sessions but I am not supervised by a clinical psychologist for insurance purposes.  Hence the receipt I provide may or may not be accepted by your extended medical insurance. 

Contact me to explore how we might work together.