Powered By Pleasure

Powered by Pleasure is the name of the blog supporting the evolution of my work called Unlock Pleasure. In this blog I want to explore with you all the aspects of pleasure, from day-to-day gladness to exuberant delight, the small joys and X-rated rapture too! My plan is to post biweekly, drawing from my own reflections, thoughts, feelings, and experiences of pleasure; from other writers and sources on the topic; and most importantly, from the conversations that I hope will emerge with you, my dear reader. Please comment below and let the wild rumpus begin!
Oct 13, 2015

Kindness + generosity = pleasure

The day before I left for Italy I was the celebrant at a wedding in Lanark County. The two women getting married asked me to speak about union, so I began with a poem by Rumi, The Gift. Read more >

Oct 05, 2015

More on Risk Taking

Just back from three weeks in Italy – part holiday, part work. The mechanics of travel don’t feel ‘risky’ to me, but I admit getting on a jumbo jet to be flung across six times zones and two continents is an incredible leap of faith. The risk for me in this trip was the work piece. My spiritual community holds an international conference every three years and communities take turns hosting the event – Mexico, Brazil, and the USA have had their turns recently, so it was time for Europe, and the Italians picked up the challenge. This event allows us to share what we do and how we do it around the world, track the evolution of our collective development as a community and to deepen our understanding of the teachings we follow. Members are invited to propose ideas for workshops and facilitated processes. Read more >

Sep 24, 2015

Find pleasure in being confident

In late August I offered my first poetry concert. I took a risk and stepped into new terrain. The concert involved speaking 14 poems from memory and from my heart. I was accompanied by cello music. While speaking in front of an audience comes easily to me from my teaching and facilitation, stepping into a creative offering was new. Read more >

Sep 24, 2015

Pleasure is a risky business!

Pleasure means different things to different people. Last month when a canoe camping trip was being planned, one woman in the group wrote to say: “Nope, I won’t be there. Camping in a tent does nothing for me.” I love to hear people say clearly what does or doesn’t work for them. If you feel like pleasure is a bit of a mystery to you, or that it’s hard to get, here are two things I’ve learned. You have to take the time to really explore what gives you pleasure. You may notice some tried and true things that light you up, and some of those things will change over the phases of your life. You have to be willing to let go, to let yourself change, to be open to new possibilities. Read more >

Sep 14, 2015

Maybe I can’t do everything, but I can do something!

Years ago I remember a naked summer swim in a large, beautiful, and very private lake in the wilds of Quebec, with a couple of friends. I don’t remember what inspired my outburst, but I do remember feeling very expansive and shouting into the wide, open sky above, with great fervor and gusto “I want to have it all”. I often have a really good chuckle with my younger self, because back then I truly believed that was possible! For years I would expend great amounts of energy trying to have it all and do it all. But I’ve learned that as enjoyable as those expansive sentiments can be, pleasure and fulfillment don’t necessarily come with volume. Read more >

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