Powered By Pleasure

Powered by Pleasure is the name of the blog supporting the evolution of my work called Unlock Pleasure. In this blog I want to explore with you all the aspects of pleasure, from day-to-day gladness to exuberant delight, the small joys and X-rated rapture too! My plan is to post biweekly, drawing from my own reflections, thoughts, feelings, and experiences of pleasure; from other writers and sources on the topic; and most importantly, from the conversations that I hope will emerge with you, my dear reader. Please comment below and let the wild rumpus begin!
Dec 18, 2015

The Gift of Self – The Gift of Life

As 2015 draws to a close will you give your self the gift of appreciating yourself? What if you looked back over the year and acknowledged everything you have done, been, given, received and created! And sit down and savor that feast. For me this is part of letting the current year go. I like to gather the harvest of my life and whole-heartedly take it in and give thanks. Read more >

Dec 18, 2015

Is There Pleasure in Store for You This Holiday Season?

What truly gives you pleasure during the holiday season? Pleasure is unique to each of us. Holidays by their nature are full of expectations and traditions that may or may not currently hold meaning for you. Read more >

Dec 10, 2015

The Pleasure of Winter

The Pleasure of Winter This long extended fall has us fooled that winter will never come, but the cold in the air at night tells me it’s just around the corner. I revel in how each season has its own unique pleasures – a pleasure that is gleaned by the surrender to what is. The pleasure of winter for me is that it calls me inward. Read more >

Oct 28, 2015

Pleasure … sexual and otherwise

Pleasure means different things to different people. When I talk about Unlock Pleasure, the first question I’m often asked is, “What do you mean by pleasure?” … And sex is what people are thinking of. The pleasure of our everyday, moment-to-moment lives is what I’m primarily focusing on in this work, and this includes the pleasure of our intimate relations and our sensuous capacities. Read more >

Oct 15, 2015

Finding YOUR pleasure helps you find YOU

I return from Italy feeling really good. It’s the odd thing about travel. While one is actually out there doing it – its not 100% pleasure. There are aspects of travel that are annoying, frustrating, and downright inconvenient. But the pay offs are worth every unpleasant moment. That is if travel is for you. It’s okay not to like to travel. Home can be a very good place. What’s important is to do the things that are pleasurable for you. Read more >

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