Madeline is an inspiring, engaging and highly entertaining speaker. She has a warm and powerful presence to reach your audience and support them to live more wholeheartedly. Madeline speaks to audiences about the multi-faceted and complex phenomena of pleasure; about addressing your doubts and misconceptions about pleasure and most importantly why we all need pleasure and how to use it to heal and find wholeness.

Hire or host Madeline for seminars, conference presentations, workshops or retreats. 

Madeline‚Äôs presentations are filled with stories, inspired from her life experiences as a trauma therapist and spiritual counsellor, a partner, parent, family and community member, and as a steward of the earth as beekeeper and gardener. 

Madeline can speak to your group about:

Why we Need Pleasure to Heal and Find Wholeness

Be Protected by Pleasure - How a pleasure practice builds resiliency

Be Powered by Pleasure - How pleasure helps us to live wholeheartedly.

The Neurobiology of Pleasure - The science behind pleasure

The Keys and Doorways to Pleasure - Increasing your daily quotient of pleasure

Pleasure as a Doorway to Spirituality - The Spiritual Significance of Pleasure. 

What the Bees Know - Lessons from the Bee yard on Stewardship, Presence and Community

What Nature Can Teach Us About Ourselves and Being with Each Other.

Spoken Word Poetry and Music Concert - Madeline also offers a unique and creative based way to learn, and at the same time experience pleasure - With Pleasure - A Spoken Word Poetry and Music Concert