Take Your Pleasure Pulse - A Survey About Pleasure

Feb 18, 2015

Take Your Pleasure Pulse - A Survey About Pleasure

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Have you noticed how popular surveys are these days? It seems that everyone’s conducting one on something. Partly it’s the ease of services like Survey Monkey, but also because most of us in the virtual world want to respond to people’s real interests and concerns that have significance to them.  So… here we go. Help me target this Unlock Pleasure blog to your real needs. Tell me about yourself and your relationship with pleasure.

I want to give pleasure its rightful due, and support you in really embracing positive pleasure, for its power to heal stress and trauma and grow greater vitality and aliveness in your life every day. I want to know what you think about and want from pleasure. What does pleasure mean to YOU? What draws you to the topic? What (if anything) gets in your way of really allowing pleasure into your life?  What scares or disturbs you about it? 

I’ve created a survey and invite you to check it out (See survey button below). Start with this simple evaluation tool to find out where you fall on the pleasure spectrum. Once the survey is completed, then start learning about your own Pleasure Profile. I’ve created 6 pleasure profiles that will help you have a sense of your current relationship with pleasure. I’m also hoping that by taking the survey and considering the pleasure profiles, you’ll learn something about the rich and complex nature of this human state of being. I hope it will open doorways for you to increase your daily pleasure quotient and make it a high priority in your life. 

To whet your appetite for the Pleasure Profiles, are you…

1. Pleasure Impaired? 
If so, I’m sorry to hear that and I’ve offered a few easy steps to help you become a 6, or   a Pleasure Purveyor (truly, my idol).

6. Pleasure Purveyor?
Is a natural born ‘soaker upper’ of the goodness of life. Some of us are just innately more pleasure oriented than others. Or, maybe you’ve purposely fashioned a life, step by step, in the art of pleasure, and your life bursts with beauty and abundance because of it. 

Maybe you’re a 2. Pleasure Addicted?
This is the opposite of Pleasure Impaired but is just as problematic, because while you’re a real pleasure seeker, many of the activities you engage in lead to negative impacts to yourself and those around you. For the Pleasure Addicted, pleasure is often sought out to avoid life or to be distracted.  Whatever the reason, it’s not a successful coping strategy as it comes with a heavy cost, and in addition you miss out on the real value of pleasure. 

Most of us will find ourselves somewhere in the middle ground of the pleasure spectrum.  Try this survey, read the summaries and let me know what you think.  I am on this journey with you. 

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“Madeline offers a safe space to explore what it is that blocks our capacity to live in pleasure. She supports us to recognize our unhealthy associations with pleasure, so we can finally open up to that which provides real power, serenity and love.”

Benoît Cazabon, author, professor, and coach