Is There Pleasure in Store for You This Holiday Season?

Dec 18, 2015

Is There Pleasure in Store for You This Holiday Season?

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What truly gives you pleasure during the holiday season?

Pleasure is unique to each of us. Holidays by their nature are full of expectations and traditions that may or may not currently hold meaning for you.

Earlier I blogged about how you have to individuate to have real pleasure. This means being willing to know what truly gives you pleasure; and being intentional about what those things are; and steadfastly hold true to them.

For me the holidays are complete when I get to a few concerts and hear the music of the season. A throw back from my Catholic up bringing is to attend a church service on Christmas morning. If the weather here in the north country allows, I love to do something outside on Christmas Eve – some of the my best memories were tobogganing the famous 13 bumps of Rockcliffe hill in the snowy dark, before heading home for a meal and presents. But a skate on the canal or a snowshoe outing would do.

So, I have three things to keep front and centre during the holidays. If I know those things are going to happen I can tolerate a few things I don’t really care for, but that my conciliatory nature wants to oblige my family and friends.

What three things will you keep front and centre during the holiday season?


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