What is the Truth of the Matter?

What is the Truth of the Matter?

A Potent Spiritual Key ~ In any and every situation ask the question ~

Your day to day human life presents many challenges, as well as opportunities, for deeper joy, peace and love.  Integrating your spiritual life through the doorway of your human experience allows the outer and inner life to become mutually supportive.  We’re meant to use our outer life with all its challenges and struggles as a playground for our spiritual development.

Awareness is the main tool we use to align the inner and outer.  Self-awareness is a life-long pursuit - we keep evolving and hold limitless potential for growth and change.  Who you were last year, or even last week, may not be who’s showing up now. 

In any situation, at any time you are faced with a challenge or a choice, a situation where the direction is not readily apparent, in times when you find yourself struggling or frustrated in an inability make a shift – ask yourself a pointed question that will bring insight and understanding to the struggle – “What is the truth of the matter? “

Alignment with spirit and the inner life is contingent on honesty.  Are you willing to be in truth, to the best of your ability, at this time?  Can you see the truth of yourself, including the best of who you are, and the faults and personal foibles that hold you back?

Cultivate an appetite for knowing your truth in any and every situation and you will be amply rewarded.

Drop this potent question into your everyday mind, the ego level, and see what is offered back.  What do you already know about the situation at hand?  Take time to acknowledge what readily comes.  You may want to write it down, to make it tangible, and to keep it in your awareness.  Significant new insights can so easily slip away!

Then drop the question into the inner self, inviting what may not be so readily in your awareness.  This level requires deep listening, to access awareness which previously has been in the unconscious.  Notice if are you willing to have new information, new awareness, made available to you?  If you notice resistance – that’s information too!

This kind of inner listening and opening to truth takes time and commitment.  Answers may come quickly or may take some time. Cultivate an appetite for knowing your truth in any and every situation and you will be amply rewarded.

“Loved the “slow medicine of it”

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