The Role of Will Power in Your Spiritual Development

The Role of Will Power in Your Spiritual Development

Two - Day Workshops - October 24 & 25, 2020. 

10:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Do you ever feel your personal will is weak?  That your will power alone can’t support the change you want in your life?  How do we harness our positive intention and strength to create fulfilment?    How do these questions relate to your sense of personal power? And what role does “will” really play in regards to growth and change?

 If these questions are on your mind and draw your interest, this two day workshop, can support you to harness the various aspects of will, to increase your personal power and creative energy.

What Will You Receive from this Workshop?

Awareness of the role of will in your positive life creations

Practices to build the capacity to use your will power in more effective way

An introduction to basic Pathwork teachings. 

Access to a community of support in which you can learn and grow together. 

The workshop includes: teaching sessions based on the Pathwork Lectures, movement, meditation, experiential exercises, process work and small group discussion.  Reading and preparatory reflective questions will be provided to participants prior to the workshop. 

Pathwork is a contemporary spiritual framework that supports both personal and spiritual healing, development, and ultimately transformation from a dualistic reality to the non-dual state of consciousness.  

Facilitated by Madeline Dietrich, M. A., S.E.P. Spiritual Teacher and Counsellor;
Pathwork Helper and the Creator of Unlock Pleasure.
For Fees and more workshop Information contact:; Pathwork in Japan                

Includes reading and reflective questions to help you prepare for the workshop, all workshop materials; snacks and beverages

Group limited to 20 participants.

"Excellent teaching style of concrete information and experiential exercises"

Workshop attendee