Welcome to Powered by Pleasure

Nov 27, 2014

Welcome to Powered by Pleasure

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Welcome to my blog about pleasure.  Why write about pleasure? For two reasons… First, because pleasure doesn’t get the attention it deserves. We don’t have enough of it, and when we do have it we often ignore its presence, calling it indulgent or ‘soft’, – these attitudes diminish our lives by denying us the gorgeous experience of pleasure in every day living. Pleasure can be elusive, unless we direct ourselves towards it, making a sincere intention for pleasure to become a priority in our lives. 

Second, I want to write about a topic that holds my own interest over time, and be important and useful for others. A while ago, I looked back to track what I’ve been most passionate about, most motivated by, curious and interested in over the years, and to find the common denominator. I discovered that, somewhat to my surprise, what consistently has guided me in both my personal and professional life is PLEASURE. I truly get a lot of pleasure out of being useful to others, and a lot of pleasure out of being alive, living fully, both the good and the bad days, taking them all in.

In this blog I want to explore with you all the aspects of pleasure, from day-to-day gladness to exuberant delight, from the small joys to X-rated rapture too! My plan is to post weekly, drawing from my own reflections, thoughts, feelings, and experiences of pleasure; from other writers and sources on the topic; and most importantly, from the conversations that I hope will emerge with you, my dear reader. 

I want to encourage, inspire, motivate, and support you as you explore the keys to your own pleasure.  I want to bring together here all that we might discover as we unlock the door to pleasure.

A little about my background…

I’m a 21st century woman, and I carry a lot of the same baggage about pleasure that you likely do. My life is very full. It’s a good life by anyone’s standards; and though I have a keen knowledge of suffering, I’d say my life is probably better than most. I have interesting, meaningful work as an Integrative Psychotherapist and a spiritual counsellor. In addition, I have numerous caring relationships: I’m a lover, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, friend and member of a few communities. 

But, the most profound relationship I have is with the natural world. I garden, keep bees, and love spending hours outside, in any season, just wandering in the woods, by the river, or often just sitting and taking in the sensate experience of this living, breathing world we call “nature”.

When I’m well centred in my everyday life, all of my relationships, activities and experiences become abundant opportunities for pleasure. And, there are also times when I can just be doing my life, checking off tasks and skimming on the surface of being busy.

Lately I’ve been asking myself – What if the point of this life is not all the busyness and doing? What if it’s actually pleasure that we’re invited to experience on this earth? Think about it: Pleasure is the point of it all!

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