Be a Light in Your World

Dec 13, 2017

Be a Light in Your World

Day by day the daylight, here in the north country, gets dimmer, as we edge our way to the Winter Solstice shift.  I love this time of year as it draws me inward, and slows me down.  But I do notice the counter pull of the holiday festivities, that ramp up the demand to be out there.  The challenge of this season, is to find what’s truly meaningful for me, and stay true to it. 

Making the Season Meaningful – a Key to Pleasure

This is another way of saying – what truly gives me pleasure in a season that has the inward pull and many outer demands.  Not just in the festive season, but all year round this is the challenge of pleasure.  There are so many imperatives telling us what “should” give us pleasure” but I notice in my work with clients, a sure key to pleasure is to find what authentically gives you pleasure and make it happen. Should is the biggest energy sucker when it comes to pleasure. 

Pleasure Lights Us Up

When we’re creating pleasure in a deeply personal and meaningful way, we light up.  It charges our vitality, feeds the life force energy and nourishes us deeply.  It lights us up.  Pleasure is so connected to our wellbeing.  When we get a goodly quotient, it nourishes us on many levels – physically, emotionally and spiritually.  It’s curious to me how we can so easily downplay or disregard this simple truth.  And then we wonder why we feel flat, empty uninspired. 

The Gift We Give Ourselves, Gives to Others

I know when I am in the world lite up by my full quotient of pleasure its noticeable.  It draws people to me.  I feel more able to give because I feel nourished and full in myself.  It’s easy to be generous.  I believe pleasure is the gift we give ourselves, and it’s a gift that keeps on giving as its rather contagious.  We remind, encourage, and inspire each other about the necessity of being nourished and replenished by pleasure. 

So, this season will you be a light in the world?  Will you give the gift of exuding vitality, aliveness or a simple, quite joy –  whatever your personal brand of pleasure looks and feels like?  Will you be generous in showing up and giving this to yourself and others?  Then it will truly be a happy holiday season. 

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“As I step into the classroom with Madeline, I am aware of a spaciousness that few other facilitators offer, giving adequate time for self-reflection and digestion of the material.  The spaciousness is well-supported by experiential learning and practical teachings.  Madeline’s work—both within her own life and in facilitating others—speaks clearly through the profound space she holds for learning, and healing, to happen.”

Nikki Manzie, Program Director, – Yoga Therapy and Eastern Therapies Pacific Rim College Victoria B.C.