Powered By Pleasure

Powered by Pleasure is the name of the blog supporting the evolution of my work called Unlock Pleasure. In this blog I want to explore with you all the aspects of pleasure, from day-to-day gladness to exuberant delight, the small joys and X-rated rapture too! My plan is to post biweekly, drawing from my own reflections, thoughts, feelings, and experiences of pleasure; from other writers and sources on the topic; and most importantly, from the conversations that I hope will emerge with you, my dear reader. Please comment below and let the wild rumpus begin!
Aug 05, 2015

What Does It Mean to Live a Spirit Led Life

This summer my friend and colleague, Lorie Carson, invited me to commit to 100 days of creativity. Creativity is one of the most potent doorways to pleasure. So this invitation made me say YES immediately. The only instructions were to do something creative for each of the next 100 days and to try to contain the practice to specific activities. Read more >

Jul 06, 2015

A Doorway to Pleasure - Be Creative

Since starting this blog on pleasure, I’ve explored what opens us to pleasure; what I call pleasure’s keys. I’ve looked at the importance of tuning into sensory awareness and getting in touch with your body. And I’ve explored another important pre-requisite – giving yourself permission for pleasure. Others can’t truly give you pleasure, you make it for yourself, most often by finding what pleasure uniquely means to you. Read more >

May 27, 2015

Pleasure in Connecting in Nature

It’s spring here in the North Country and while every season has its delights, spring holds a particular enticement… no more heavy coats and boots, the warmth of the sun on your skin, you can sit outside in the evening. Like the plants in my garden, I seem to be sprouting too. I’m a beekeeper and spring means visiting the hives and getting them ready for the season. Winter covers come off, bottom boards cleaned, checking to see if the bees have enough food for the weeks that remain before the plants start to blossom. Read more >

May 19, 2015

Individuation is a Pre-requisite for Pleasure

Ten days ago I ran a workshop on pleasure and what gets in the way of it. Often we get in our own way when trying to increase the pleasure we have. Self-sabotaging pleasure comes from the doubts and misconceptions we hold about pleasure. Sometimes this is referred to as having a ‘limiting belief’. Read more >

Apr 07, 2015

Pleasure can open your deeper and often truer nature – start with your body!

The mission of Unlock Pleasure is to support you in deepening your capacity for pleasure. The starting point for this is to make contact with your body. Pleasure is inherently a ‘felt’ experience, so your connection to your body and your experience of pleasure are interactive and mutually supportive. In my last blog, I invited you into the practice of the pleasure pause – taking moments throughout your day to tune into the world around you, find something that’s pleasurable to you, and to focus on it. The most important aspect of this is bringing your experience down from your head and into your body where it can register on your nervous system to create a calming, settling effect. This practice, if done on a regular basis, will form a new habitual response, so that whenever you’re over-stimulated, stressed or strung out, you can slip down into your ‘feeling body’ and allow the pleasure pause habit to take over. Read more >

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