What if pleasure was your default setting?

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“Forefront Psychotherapy ​had Madeline ​p​resent a morning workshop called ​​ Unlock ​Pleasure for our counselling centre’s open house. Her presentation was innovative and captivating. She brought forward the information in a way that appealed to new and seasoned therapists alike. Her presentation style put the audience at ease and she ​kept each one of us captivated for the duration of her talk. We would highly recommend Madeline to any group looking for a speaker.”

Forefront Psychotherapy, Ottawa, Canada - Fall 2014

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Jan 09, 2018

Stories About Pleasure

On New Year's Eve I went to a Labyrinth walk at the Anglican cathedral here in Ottawa. It was a great way to bring in the new year. I walked in silence with a group of people, in a dark, candle lit space. Classical guitar music held a background tone. After everyone had walked, the facilitator invited us into the middle of the circle to speak a word for the new year; a word that would reflect what we needed or wanted to enter into 2018. Read more >

Dec 27, 2017

4 Essential Keys to Pleasure for You in 2018

It’s been three years since I began the Unlock Pleasure project. Three years of writing this blog and of speaking and teaching about pleasure. I’ve learned a lot, and have especially benefited from the conversations and engagement with readers and participants at speaking engagements and in programs. 4 Things Stand Out Read more >

Dec 13, 2017

Be a Light in Your World

Day by day the daylight, here in the north country, gets dimmer, as we edge our way to the Winter Solstice shift. I love this time of year as it draws me inward, and slows me down. But I do notice the counter pull of the holiday festivities, that ramp up the demand to be out there. The challenge of this season, is to find what’s truly meaningful for me, and stay true to it. Read more >