What if pleasure was your default setting?

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“Forefront Psychotherapy ​had Madeline ​p​resent a morning workshop called ​​ Unlock ​Pleasure for our counselling centre’s open house. Her presentation was innovative and captivating. She brought forward the information in a way that appealed to new and seasoned therapists alike. Her presentation style put the audience at ease and she ​kept each one of us captivated for the duration of her talk. We would highly recommend Madeline to any group looking for a speaker.”

Forefront Psychotherapy, Ottawa, Canada - Fall 2014

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Nov 01, 2018

The Choice of Pleasure

A month later I’m settled back into my life in Ottawa, but I’m still processing my time in Japan last month. Frequently the students’ faces flash through my mind and heart. Such a pleasure and a privilege to work with a brand-new (to me) group of spiritual seekers, in a different cultural context. I’m letting their responses to the pleasure teachings inform my work and add new perspectives. There are some cultural differences and yet some things are universal. Read more >

Oct 17, 2018

It Doesn’t Take Much

Well my life has changed and now I’m one of those people who travels the world sharing my message about pleasure, teaching and training others in the art of spiritual development and healing. Read more >

Aug 01, 2018

Key to Pleasure: Less and Slower

I’m still unpacking from my teaching time in Israel. Each opportunity to work with a group, helps me clarify the topic of pleasure. A re-occurring theme in the groups in Israel was: I have this great life. So much richness in material things, family and friends, freedom to do many things and yet a true deep experience of pleasure escapes me. Why is this? Read more >