What if pleasure was your default setting?

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“I will begin a new relationship with my body” Unlocking Pleasure was an amazing concept, idea to work and play with explore”

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Aug 01, 2018

Key to Pleasure: Less and Slower

I’m still unpacking from my teaching time in Israel. Each opportunity to work with a group, helps me clarify the topic of pleasure. A re-occurring theme in the groups in Israel was: I have this great life. So much richness in material things, family and friends, freedom to do many things and yet a true deep experience of pleasure escapes me. Why is this? Read more >

Jul 08, 2018

Doorways to Pleasure

I’m back from teaching in Israel and I took a week at the lake to digest it all. I love going out into the world with my Unlock Pleasure theme and discovering what people in other cultures and circumstances make of it. I love the rich dialogues that take place – I love them and learn from them. Read more >

Jun 13, 2018

Am I Safe?

In Pathwork, the spiritual framework I follow and teach, there’s something called “The Now Point.” What this means is noticing what’s happening right now. Not in the future, not in the past, but right now. The Buddhists call it “the present moment.” In any moment when we stop and notice what’s happening there’s a very high likelihood everything is fine. Read more >