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December 3-6, 2020
An Early Winter Retreat - Cultivating Stillness

On-line and Galilee Retreat Centre, Arnprior, Ontario.

December 9th, 2020 9-11:30 a.m.

“Loved the “slow medicine of it”

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Nov 05, 2020

What’s Being Lost?

As we continue to venture in these unusual times, the challenges mount. There’s unsettling news from our neighbours to the south this week, and in our own nation-state, fracture lines deepen as institutions and individuals struggle to address and adapt to rapid change.


It’s hard to deny - these are destabilizing times.  


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Oct 21, 2020

Rest As Resistance

In my early 30’s I began to tune into the cyclical nature of life. I live in a place with very distinct seasons. Each season has a particular energy that subtlety but powerfully influences me. So, lately I’ve been thinking about rest and more specifically the kind of rest that comes from emptying. I’m noticing how the season of fall, especially in the north draws me inward and to a quiet, slower rhythm. But this inner draw flies in the face of the outer world that whirls on, immune to an underlaying rhythm that invites a balance of activity and non- activity.

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Sep 16, 2020

Our Long, Rich, and Complex History with Pleasure

Ancient Greek philosophy, the foundation of much of our thinking still today, centered on the question and significance of “What makes a good life?  And What is the goal of the good life?”  At the root of their study was the issue of our human struggle between pain and pleasure. 

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