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Dec 13, 2017

Be a Light in Your World

Day by day the daylight, here in the north country, gets dimmer, as we edge our way to the Winter Solstice shift. I love this time of year as it draws me inward, and slows me down. But I do notice the counter pull of the holiday festivities, that ramp up the demand to be out there. The challenge of this season, is to find what’s truly meaningful for me, and stay true to it. Read more >

Nov 22, 2017

A Deeper Breathe – from Constriction to Expansion

Do you take time in your day to notice your breathing? When you do, what do you notice? Is there ease and flow there, or does it feel effortful, tight or constricted? If you keep your focus there for a few minutes – what changes? What’s different? Read more >

Nov 07, 2017

What is the story you’re telling about pleasure?

Don’t you love a good story? Stories fascinate us and we remember them. From the beginning of time stories are how we imbed what’s significant into our collective psyche. The best stories are archetypal – universal. We all recognise the drama being played out – adventures and risks of the hero/heroine’s journey to overcome limitations; to seek the Holy Grail. I think partly we love these stories because we’re all carrying such a story inside of us: it’s the story we tell about ourselves and what we believe about life. Read more >