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April 6-8, 2023
Being in Stillness - A Spring Retreat

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“I will begin a new relationship with my body” Unlocking Pleasure was an amazing concept, idea to work and play with explore”

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Feb 26, 2023

Bringing the Sacred Home

I’m back in Oaxaca, Mexico for the month.  Each time I come here I spend time with the medicine women of the surrounding villages and towns.  Learning about their spiritual practices reminds me of the importance of the day-to-day, the ordinary things that surround us all the time that speak to the sacred. Each home and often the business too, including the busy markets, have altars.

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Feb 14, 2023

The Role of Ceremony to Enrich Your Daily Life

Ceremonies have been a part of human cultures for centuries and have played an important role in religious, spiritual and social events. They help us to mark significant moments in our lives, honor traditions, and provide a sense of community and connection.

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Nov 08, 2022

Spiritual Nourishment and Pleasure

As a somatic therapist and spiritual counsellor I often reflect on the interconnection between body and spirit   In my work I use the phrase “embodied spirituality”.  This means a spirituality that’s experienced in the body, and considers our bodies as sacred vessels, that hold our spirits. 

For many, it can be a radical idea to consider one’s relationship with your body, as core to
one’s spiritual nature.  Collectively we still harbour remnants of religious world views that are suspicious of the body and it’s sensuous nature.  From these world views, the body is an aspect of self to control and distance from, to pursue one’s spiritual aspects.  The upshot of this is to separate one’s self from the ground of one’s being. 

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